Monday, April 7, 2014

We were - giving in gracefully

My apologies for the wait. But here at long last is part 5.

Last time we had some hunting-dates (or date-hunts?), a silly horse and a birthday boy iced over... And thus a simmer in freak-out mode. ~~

Well, on we go:

Didn't I say it? Morning came too soon. For Faelan at least, weekday means school day. Poor boy.

Accalia: "So lucky I'm me. I get to sleep in."

Faelan's class is going on a field trip today. Funny that his teacher should be Pappy Wolf. He's the patriarch of the town's oldest werewolf family, who according to his bio is 'happiest out in the woods'. ^^ How very appropriate a mentor for our home- and fatherless were-boy. 

Faelan: "Say, teacher, she's staring at me isn't she?"

Pappy: "Rose? Nah, she's looking at me, son."

Pappy: "Now she's staring at you."

That seemingly angry expression is her default btw. I'm convinced she doesn't mean anything by it, she's just perpetually angry. Possibly because as a townie she never had any parents? Hostility as a defense mechanism, hardly a new thing.
Yes, I think about these things. ^^ Can't help it.

Anyways, they arrive at the theater and suddenly there are two more kids, appearing out of thin air. Huh. Still a ridiculously small class though.

I dunno, but my field trips were never that... active.

Pappy: "OMG, I'm getting chased by a pack of teenagers!"

And I'm amused by the synchronized running. ^^

There. Made it. And Faelan goes first.

Meanwhile at the Alchemy Shop: Remember in the very first part I mentioned Joanie McDuff having given birth to a son? Well, this is him. Hey there, Santos. :)

Also interesting that Jules McDuff is engaged to Rosalie .... err, Emelie Van Gould. ;) You may remember that his (unmagical) twin brother Joe has been dating Bailey Swain for a while and just recently got her pregnant. So Bailey got her wish of sorts. She is now (at least peripherally) part of a vampire family? ^^

These are our special finds so far. One Rainbowbeetle, two Cleopatra Butterflies, one Blood Stone and one Soulpeace. I put them out there because I don't want them to get used up for elixirs or something... because they're special!

Well, about frickin' time! Good for you, Serena!


Seems to me that Faelan has more cultural education than I thought. ^^ Despite Accalia's best efforts.

Faelan: "I still love you, mom. Even though you're a barbarian."

Accalia: "Is that so?"

And then it's time for work.

Faelan takes the opportunity for some solo hunting.

Meanwhile Santos is lying forgotten on the floor. Blocking access to the bathroom on top of it.

His daddy is practicing his alchemy skills. And his mom?

Working off that baby fat apparently...
Great parenting, this is it.

Uhm, Faelan? I'm not sure that's the place to dig for anything... Not even werewolf claws are that sharp.

Flint is busy making pretty lights. Because there isn't a toddler sleeping on the floor at all.

Faelan can do even better. He howls us a street lamp.
This would be in celebration, because:

I forget which point that is, but... yay, progress?

He's getting better.

Chester becomes a father yet again.

And grows old immediately after. XD
I mean, I heard that having children ages you, but ... this is rather sudden.

In other news: Interesting happenings at the public pool

David: "Ewww, my wife is naked!"

While Janet is all "Not this again." XD

That look of his! It's like he's saying "I'm starving. And it's all her fault. Because she's naked!"

But of course he would not even think about getting into the same pool, while her clothes are lying on the floor back there. XD

And then there was a second pile of discarded clothes... who could possibly have left them?

Why, of course. ^^

Accalia: "Inhibitions? Can I eat those?"

But she doesn't get to skinny-dip for long. Because there's a certain wish she kept rolling:

And since we incidentally seem to have a vampire on the premises... ;)
Poor Janet.

Janet: "Bad puppy!"

But finally:

Victory! :D

Also: Is it just me or is Janet just flippin' gorgeous?

Faelan arrived sometime during the fight and, like the good boy he is, went to do his homework. Even though it makes him scowl so.
I do not understand sim teens.*shakes head*

Janet was about to leave but I had Accalia call her back.

Janet: "What does that madwoman want now?"

Well, I decided I like her to much to have her be on bad terms with Accalia. So...

Yeah, might as well use those elixirs we've got, right?

Yes, that was another one. Because the first was barely enough to get them in the green. ^^

See? That's how far in the red they were. And the result of two Friendship elixirs.

Another one grows old.

And there's also some sad news:

R.I.P Pappy.
You didn't have much of a chance for face time, but I thank you for taking care of Faelan. He will remember you, I'm sure.

Accalia is of course completely unaffected by any of this.

Accalia: "Heh, I beat her so bad. I'm awesome."

She also gets a nifty moodlet:

And then she rolled this wish:

XD No words!

Wedding bells for Emelie and Jules! (And yes, Emelie is still a vamp. For some reason her thumbnail just doesn't show it...)

Homework done, now for some lessons of another sort. Catch ALL the bugs!

Well, it's not a bug, but nothing to sneeze at either.

Too soon they were both exhausted. So of course, only one place to go:

Newly-crustified Chester is in the house, stealing your rocking chairz. That smug bastard! XD

Also in attendance: His hot young wife

... and their infant son Osvaldo. Who is... pink? O.o

Oh hell no! O.O

Faelan's face says it all!

Luckily the wife is on the ball. ^^ She takes a dim view of her husband's attention wandering.

Even when that means some sacrifices. ;)

I can't tell you how very appropriate this is! XD

Well, married earlier today and only now moved out? Better late than never, I guess. And it doesn't say so, but yes she did move in with her husband. Well, him and his dog.

I wouldn't laugh if I were you, Chester. That can lead to a dislocated shoulder, as we see here. ;)

Aaaand, that's it for now. A bit on the short side, only one day rather than the usual two, but at least I got it done?
I sincerely hope that I won't keep you waiting this long again. I'll do my best!

Until then, happy simming everyone!


Lost fights: 1 (won 4)
Argus Brown: 0:2

Navita Singh:  1:1
Janet Pok:      0:1

Successful: 1 - Garrick Mayberry

Bladder incidents:
Faelan: 1


Faelan: 1


  1. Arcadia and Janet would make excellent sitcom frenemies. :)

    And poor Faelan, losing his hat-wearing teacher. Alas, time marches on, even for Sims.

    Sorry for the late comment. The update showed up on my blog roll a while ago, but Blogger said the page didn't exist. Glad I ended up manually checking.

  2. No worries. Actually that blog roll appearance was my fault, because I klicked 'publish' accidentally (it was late) and then 'reverted to draft', because it wasn't finished (or even close) yet. ^^

    Yes, frenemies would be what I'd call them too. XD Pretty typical constellation as well, I'd say. Janet strikes me as having been quite popular in highschool (if she went, that is, being a vampire and all... ^^). Meanwhile Accalia obviously never cared about fitting in.

    Alas, Faelan will not grieve for long. In fact since him and Pappy weren't related he's not grieving at all, according to his moodlets. But in any case he'll soon be getting something else to think about. ;) And I hope you'll hear about it soon. I'm planning on sometime next week. :)

    Thank you, Van!

  3. Janet IS way pretty. Actually, there are a lot of attractive townies in Moonlight Falls, come to think of it.

    Faelan's face XD

    Awesome update as always! These are so much fun to read. :) Accalia is doing great with the fights.

    1. That's true! I really like the look of those townies, they look so human and not generic at all. There's one werewolf lady (the one with the awesome cheekbones) that I'm dying to introduce to Accalia, but so far I haven't spotted her anywhere around.

      I'm so happy you're enjoying this!
      Thank you, Inujade!

    2. Baylee Howler? :D :D :D I love her!

    3. Yes! Exactly! She's awesome!
      In my first ever Moonlight Falls she was the chashier at the alcemy store and I kinda fell in love. ^^ But you already know the problem with that store's npc. *sigh*